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A.M.D Dimensional Distortion REVIEW by 'ishman' on cdbaby.com

2011-01-07 13:08:43 by TheDoomrider

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy my music.

I thought that I would post a review I got from 'ishman' on cdbaby.com, the site where I sell my music.

dimensional surprise
author: ishman
WOW!!, the atmosphere of the whole album is amazing!. It's mandatory to digest the concept and music in several listens but for sure you will discover something new in each session. One of these albums that you have to listen with headphones if you dont want to loose a detail. I don't know if F. Johansen is the singer but vocals are incredibly versatile and eloquent. Very very good job, recomended for all progressive metal fans.


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2011-01-07 13:09:47

BTW, yes, I am the singer on my album :D