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My name is Frank Johansen and I am a singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, writer.

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Black Lotus Dream Suite

One day you walk to close to a black lotus flower. It moves in the wind like a seductive woman. Its dark beauty mesmerizes you and brings you closer and before you realize it you are breathing its hallucinating and sleep inducing spores. Your eyes sleepy, your body grows numb as you fall to the ground. The flower swings over your head like a bell of doom. Who knows if you will wake up or not? You dream strange visions of places and events unfamiliar to your mind.

The dream takes you on a journey through time and space where you experience magical events of an unknown past that sends ripples through time towards the future.
The music forms your mind and events that shape your feelings as well as the visions you see.

What do you feel and see? What is your Black Lotus Dream?

Below is my dream, only read it after you have had a dream of your own because that is the purpose of this song, to make you create your own mystic journey based on the emotions you feel when you listen to this music.

Ancient castles like none you have ever heard of or seen, built by an unknown race.
The beauty of the landscapes stretches far and wide where the trees are as big as mountains. The dream carries on and it almost feels like you are there, standing on the edge of a castle wall looking down and to your amazement you see that it is flying, but it's not a castle at all. It is a huge flying beast that carries a continent on its back.
3 suns, one small a medium sized one and a very large one can be seen in the sky and the light is making your eyes hurt. One of the people living there walks up to you and looks deep into your eyes. His eyes black as the abyss and as you stare into them you see yourself standing beside him as your eyes change into deep black eyes and the hurt goes away. You turn around to find yourself on a battlefield where people are slaughtered left and right, your hands covered in blood and you feel something in your hand... a sword! It becomes apparent that the men and women fighting you are human when suddenly a black cloud up in the sky moves down towards the battlefield. As it lands it turns into the black eyed races and every one of them transforms into giant beasts and kills the humans. You somehow feel elevated into the air and you feel the taste of blood in your mouth. The sun suddenly feels warmer as the battle stops and everyone looks up at the three suns. The small one is acting strange and heat waves wash over the land when it suddenly explodes and the intense heat caresses the land before everything is swallowed up by the flames. Your body burns as you experience the licking of the flames before you black out.

An explosion is heard, someone screaming... a grenade?
You find yourself flying through a city that stretches as far as the eye can see. Every building is unified as one big complex that seems to go on forever. Intricate designs cover them from top to bottom and the entire city seems to be connected in a very artistic pattern unlike anything. From the ground the tall buildings block the light from the 2 suns that shines with hope in the sky.
There is nothing but desert surrounding the city and the giant trees from the past can't be seen anywhere.
In the streets humans are being chained and marched in line and for the first time you can see the difference between the 2 races. The dominant race is almost twice the size of a human, black abyss eyes with wings on their backs yet carry themselves majestically. With heavy weapons they force the humans into slavery. The race your mind thought were humans doesn't look human anymore, they seem more like wild animals wearing clothes and walking on two legs. They have razor sharp teeth and claws, but the way they move and walk are just as majestic as the other race. Your mind can't think of the names for these two very different races.

As you blink for a second you feel a breeze through your hair as you find yourself lying on the ground in the middle of a flower field. When you stand up you find out that you are on a floating artificial small island above the city where flowers have been planted. The city has flourished as advanced technology has resurrected the planets beauty. There are domes erected throughout the desert where forests have been planted and they have begun to spread outside their dome and hope of a green planet is a reality. There are many small floating islands in the surrounding sky.
There is a small lake on the island where you stand. You bend over to look into it only to see 2 abyss black eyes that pull you into the darkness.

The 2nd sun is acting strange and sending out pulsating heat waves.
Again you find yourself high above the city as if you are a spectator to the events about to unfold. The intense heat is getting closer as memories of the past blast through your mind. Just as the sun explodes the city and parts of nature is surrounded by a magical shield.
Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the chaos and controlling a device that holds the shield up. When you look around you see what is powering the shield, and it is the majestic beast like race that earlier were kept as slaves but are now working together with the winged race to save the planet. The beast like race uses a strange magical force to power the amplifiers built by the winged ones. The inferno licks the magic dome again and again as chaos fills the streets. The Earth shakes as cracks open in the dome and fire and lava breaks through and sets parts of the city ablaze. Just when the magic barrier breaks the inferno stops and the people can rejoice together that they managed to survive.
Life can go on as you lift your head to see the final life sustaining sun in the sky. It fills you with hope for the future.

You wake up, it was all a dream and you feel relieved to be back in the real world. After a short walk you see people you know standing by the shoreline. As you walk towards them you become uneasy as you feel your body becoming strangely warm. Your friends turn around; you get chills through your body. Their eyes black as the abyss and tears are running down their cheeks and you look up to see that the biggest, 3rd and final sun explodes. The flames wash over your friends' right in front of you as they are turned to ash. Nature that has managed to cover the planet again burns as your body shakes in fear and an intense pain comes over you as you hold up your hands in front of you, hands that have burned down to the bone. Wave after wave hits the planet until it crumbles into nothing leaving only an empty void in space.